Metropolitan Baltimore Council of AFL-CIO Unions 


"We are proud to endorse Franca Muller Paz. Not only is she a union member, she also understands the power of organizing and bringing people together. Franca will undoubtedly be an advocate for working families on the Baltimore City Council."

- Jermaine Jones, Metro AFL-CIO President 

Baltimore Women United for Action (BWUA)


"We are pleased to inform you that BWUA has chosen to endorse your campaign! We were impressed by your progressive values, your concrete plans for action, and your commitment to women and families in

Baltimore City."

Our Revolution Maryland, Baltimore City, and Baltimore County


"We have gone through the endorsement process and our members were unanimous in voting to endorse your campaign for

City Council District 12!"

- Jacob Kravetz, Our Revolution Baltimore Co-Chair


"Bikemore has endorsed Green Party candidate Franca Muller Paz in Baltimore City Council District 12. Franca is a proven community organizer, union leader, and champion of young Baltimoreans, teaching Spanish at City College and advising student activists." (read the full statement here)

Democratic Socialists of America

(DSA, National)

DSA is proud to endorse Franca Muller Paz for Baltimore City Council, District 12. Franca is a Baltimore City school teacher & Baltimore DSA

member who has served three terms as an elected representative of the Baltimore Teachers Union. (read full tweet thread here)

Greater Baltimore

Democratic Socialists of America (GBDSA)


“As a member of the Greater Baltimore DSA, I’m really excited to see a fellow socialist and community organizer like Franca running for office. She’s a union teacher. She’s close to this community; she teaches so many of the kids in this district! She knows what it is to struggle as a working person. Throughout her campaign, community input has been the driving force." - Gaby Nair, GBDSA member

Sunrise Movement Baltimore

"Sunrise Movement Baltimore is thrilled and proud to announce our endorsement of Green Party candidate Franca Muller Paz for Baltimore City Council District 12...Franca has demonstrated her commitment to fighting climate change by supporting the Fair Development Roundtable Plan for Zero Waste, a blueprint for reducing pollution and waste and for creating environmental justice in our city....

We urge all our friends in District 12 to cast their vote Nov. 3 for Franca Muller Paz, and we ask everyone to spread the word.

Go, Franca!” (read the full statement here.)

The Sierra Club

"The Sierra Club is pleased to inform you that we have endorsed your candidacy in the November 3 general election for Council District 12 in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to the environment, equity and justice."

Progressive Maryland

"Progressive Maryland is proud to endorse Franca Muller Paz in the Baltimore City Council race for District 12. Ms. Muller has a long history of advocacy for the students and residents of Baltimore City, and will be the type of leader that we can trust to be committed to fight for the needs of working families.

"Now more than ever we need champions for working families in Baltimore, elected officials who know and care about their struggles, and who are willing to be held accountable for meeting their needs. Franca Muller Paz will be a powerful voice on City Council in advocating for ending mass incarceration, eliminating the school to prison pipeline, and ensuring the wellbeing of our most vulnerable communities."

CASA In Action

“With over 100,000 lifetime members, CASA in Action is the Mid-Atlantic region's largest immigrant and Latino electoral organization.”

Clean Water Action

“[W]hatever happens at the federal level, Baltimore will be more equipped to face it with leadership in City Hall that prioritizes protecting public health, dismantling inequitable city policy, working closely with constituents, and building community power. That's why Clean Water Action proudly endorses Franca Muller Paz for Baltimore City Council District 12." Read the full statement here

Plumbers and Steamfitters UA Local 486

“Franca will be a strong voice for the union labor and the working class.  Growing up in a family that relied on the construction industry to put food on the table gives her a unique perspective that will help her as she fights for our members, and all working families across the 12th district and the city of Baltimore.”
William Welsh Business Manager UA Local 486

Eastern Atlantic States National Council of Carpenters

Learn more about the EAS Carpenters by clicking here.

Baltimore Teachers Union

“The Baltimore Teachers Union is proud to endorse two of our own members who are running for Baltimore City Council in the 2020 General Election: James Torrence (Democrat – 7th District) and Franca Muller Paz (Green – 12th District) ! These two educators have proven their leadership both inside and outside of the classroom and we are looking forward to seeing all the great things they will do for our city once elected. Vote now or on November 3rd!”

Read the full statement here.


Reverend Annie Chambers

Life-long Civil Rights Activist

“Franca is a candidate for the people who will serve the WHOLE community. She understands the WHOLE district, not just a small part”

Gary Crum

Former City Council District 12 Candidate and Community Organizer

" If you live in the 12th District, Vote for Franca Muller Paz. A win for her is a win for us. Sometimes the change we want means someone different. I support her and her campaign. She knows the ills of our district and is willing to be a partner with us to make our command city better.”

Dave Heilker

Former DSA-endorsed candidate for City Council District 12

"I’m excited to share my support for Franca in November — not just because she reflects our former campaign’s values, but because she has already been doing so much of the work that she aims to bring to City Hall.


Franca is already a leader, and her robust, enthusiastic volunteer corps is a reflection of that. I’m going to work to see her bring truly progressive policies and underrepresented voices to the Baltimore City Council, and I hope you’ll do the same.”

Mckayla Wilkes 
Former DSA-endorsed candidate for Congress (MD District 5)

"I'm endorsing Franca Muller Paz for Baltimore City Council, District 12.

Franca is running an incredibly exciting grassroots campaign against an entrenched incumbent. She has a real shot to win the seat in November and make real change in Baltimore from the ground up.”

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