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I am an award-winning teacher and community organizer leading a progressive campaign for Baltimore's 12th City Council District. Since becoming a teacher in 2010, I have been a fierce advocate for students, families, and educators, served as a 3-term elected Baltimore Teachers Union representative, and advised several youth-led movements, such as Students Organizing a Multicultural Open Society (SOMOS). Together, we have fought tirelessly to empower communities to take their rightful place at the tables of power and successfully demanded City Hall to re-allocate money to where we need it most. 


As an immigrant from Perú, my American journey started in the factory town of Paterson, New Jersey. I watched as my parents sacrificed everything, working construction shifts day and night, with no health insurance, struggling to keep the lights on, and battling eviction threats, just to ensure we could move to a neighborhood where I would feel safe and have a quality education. But your zip code shouldn’t determine your destiny, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it all to live a decent life.


In Baltimore’s 12th District, the current democratic party representation has not been fighting for us. Instead, they fight for the corporate interests that got them in office. And while developers and corporations get richer, our kids can’t drink the water in our schools, our city’s minimum wage can’t pay the bills, and 1-in-every-2 black and brown people can’t get adequate internet—with one of the worst connection rates in the country.


That’s why our campaign is powered by and for the people. We reject corporate donations. Instead, our campaign is led by students, organizers, and community leaders. We know how to fight back against corporate interests and win the policies we need to thrive: fully funded schools; ending systemic racism in public safety, housing, and transit; COVID-responsive constituent services; and free high-speed community internet. Together, we can be champions for racial and economic justice in Baltimore City. Please join us by donating to the Franca for the People campaign and voting for us on November 3rd.

Your neighbor, 

Franca Muller Paz


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